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About Be The Example

DRIVING CHANGE for a livable planet

We are a laser-focused nonprofit, empowering fellow citizens on decarbonizing our lives, for a livable planet.

Transition Express Inc

EIN 47-2566672

Based in Danville CA

Nature Class
“Consider these facts. Ninety-six percent of the mass of mammals on the planet today are us and the livestock we’ve domesticated. Only 4 percent is everything else, from elephants to badgers, tigers to bats, Seventy percent of all birds are now domesticated poultry, mostly chickens. Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives.”
David Attenborough

About Us

Our team is priming for our campaign initiative we call our Warm Up Act, to move a climate narrative nationwide.


 We encourage all citizens who recognize our Climate Emergency like we do, to send letters to the editor into your local and nationwide newspapers,on this need to ramp up Renewable Power and move away from Fossil Fuels. Our own lifestyles – what we choose daily to eat, purchase, the way we travel – all definitely affect this goal.




in addition to action being taken federally, statewide and locally.


COP26 in Dubai, this past December 2023, confirmed that world leaders are committed to this, to slow down global warming, as climate scientists worldwide, confirm the urgency of this goal, by 2030.



with our effort, to rally together!

Mission Statement

Transition Express Inc’s mission: engaging and empowering fellow citizens in continuing to add Livable Planet practices into their lives, for a vibrant planet seven generations out, making Earth Day Every Day.

Our Story

Our CEO grew up with a dad with a Yale PhD degree in Chemical Engineering.  He loved spending summers with the family in the Adirondack Mtns of upstate NY, appreciating its natural beauty and wildlife.


 He also had real concern for how acid rain affected the loon population’s ability to breed normally there.  This and other global warming concerns led him to regularly speak at his local Arts and Science group in Philadelphia PA. 


With his death in 2006, our CEO became active, in his honor, in a political congressional campaign, in Dublin CA, helping to get a wind farm engineer elected into Congress.  Rep Jerry McNerney served until 2019.


Since 2011,  our CEO and her husband Rob were active with science-savvy local HS interns, learning together how to interact with the public, to empower them for climate action in their own lifestyles, to improve what we now call Livable Planet practices.


The result was the launch in 2017 of our BeTheExample Contest, now the core of our nonprofit focus.

Our Team

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