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Atlas Award Archives

2014 Archive

Atlas Awards 2014 for what our climate heroes did in this year, putting more emphasis on actions and narrative adding to the national dialogue of the climate movement: 

SO....our awards begin with,



book: FOOD CHOICE AND SUSTAINABILITY: why buying local, eating less meat and taking baby steps won't work, Richard Oppenlander

book: SAVING KYOTO: an insider's guide to the Kyoto Protocol, how it works, why it matters and what it means for the future, Craciela Chichilnicky and Kristen Sheeran 

JOHN PODESTO - new advisor to President Obama, outspoken foe of Keystone XL and Tar Sands and more, Dec 2013

PRIMOWIND.COM was launched - Dec 2013. New development of small wind that is silent, does not kill birds, so adapts well to urban settings. Based in San Diego CA.

book: POISON SPRING: the secret history of pollution and the EPA, Vallianatos and Jenkins.

documentary: COWSPIRACY: the sustainability secret, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

book: CHOLE'S VEGAN ITALIAN KITCHEN, Chloe Coscarelli 

book: COLLISION COURSE: endless growth on a finite planet, Kerryn Higgs 

book: FACING THE POPULATION CHALLENGE: wisdom from the Elders, edited by Marilyn Hempel 

book: MAN SWARM: how overpopulation is killing the wild world, Dave Foreman 

book: WITH LIBERTY and DIVIDENDS FOR ALL: how to save our middle class when jobs don't pay enough, Peter Barnes

book: REWILDING OUR HEARTS: building pathways of compassion and coexistence, Marc Bekoff

book: WAKING UP: consciousness, culture and climate solutions, Taylor Hawke

book: THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: capitalism vs climate, Naomi Klein 

book: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change, George Marshall

book: THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: an unnatural history, Elizabeth Kolbert

book: BEE TIME, lessons from the hive, Mark Winston

book: SEED TIME, on the history, husbandry, politics and promise of seeds, Scott Chaskey

book: A CALL TO ACTION, women, religion, violence and power, Jimmy Carter

book: DEBUNK IT! how to stay sane in a world of misinformation, John Grant


100 year anniversary:  

of the year Pearl S Buck graduated from college, before returning to China, which influenced her lifelong writing career, most exemplified by her award-winning book, The Good Earth.

45 year anniversary:

Woodstock Fair, Aug 13-15 which celebrated peace and music, to counter the horrors of Vietnam war and its toll on American youth. It stands as an example of what the Climate Movement needs to do to overcome our climate threat. Richie Havens was the lead musician for this 3-day event, known for his performance that started, Freedom...freedom...freedom...freedom. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. A long way from home...

Richie Havens died in Aug 2013.

20 year anniversary:

Norex created RACE (Race Against Chemicals in the Environment), to create better awareness of chemicals in our environment, especially our homes. See for chemical-free products.

15 year anniversary:

Center for Food Safety, founded by Andre Kimbrell, with its initiative,

Be Climate Smart with Cool Foods.

10 year anniversary:

The publication of the book, Joyful Noise: Poems for 2 Voices, by

Fleischman. This book makes a good standard for how families can enjoy poetry and the natural world together.

The publication of the book, Riding the Dragon, 10 lessons for inner strength in challenging times, by Robert Wicks. We believe his series of books can help us all to better cope with our climate challenges ahead.

5 year anniversary:

The Lancet published the article, Managing the health effects of climate change, May 2009. Its Executive Summary states, Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st Century. This publication is produced by the University College London Institute for Global Health Commission.

President Carter wrote, Losing my religion for equality. This was published in July 2009, describing how women and girls 'have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.'

Former Maldives president, Mohamed Nasheed, took his cabinet in scuba gear, to convene their regular meeting underwater, on th edge of threatened coral reef. There they signed a proclamation to the UN, asking that it work to lower the level of carbon in the atmosphere. This was done for th firsst global day of action, as encouraged worldwide, by, on Oct 24, 2009.

The publication of the book in Dec 2009, Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia. It was written by Stanley Ann Durham, who did extensive work creating micro loans for women in this area of Asia. This book is a version of her anthropology PhD thesis. It also chronicles her work, and how it elevated the quality of the lives of women, in particular. She was the mother of President Obama. This book was posthumously published. A documentary of her work was completed in May 2014, called Obama Mama.

book: Community, the structure of belonging, Peter Block

DVD and accompanying book: HOME, a stunning visual portray of Earth, film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close; HOME, a hymn to the planet and humanity, book by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

book: Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming, James Hoggan

book: The Thirteen American Argumentsj, enduring debates that define and inspire our country, Howard Fineman


Pete Seeger - Jan 2014: we recommend a DVD produced for the younger generation, One Grain of Sand. A lullaby and a tribute to Pete.

Maya Angelou - May 2014: she championed society and environmental justice.

Terry Greenwood - June 2014: a Pennsylvania farmer whose water was contaminated by fracking waste. His death drew attention from around the globe, due to his speaking out against the gas industry during the shale gas rush.

Edwin Chota, Jorge Rios, Leoncio Quincicima and Francisco Pinedo - Sept 2014: Edwin's widow traveled 6 days to report the murder of all four of these heroes, Amazon tribal leaders fought for their trees in Peru, against illegal logging.

Martin Litton - Nov 2014: he stood against development of Los Angeles, wrote for the LA Times, was recruited by David Brower of the Sierra Club, worked for Sunset Magazine, and fought to Save the Redwoods in CA. He is featured in the 2012 documentary, A Fierce Green Fire, by filmmaker Mark MItchell.

Luise Rainer - Dec 2014: played the wife of the farmer in the movie version of the book by Pearl Buck, The Good Earth, winning a second Oscar following one the year before in 1937. Only 3 other actors have achieved this: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn and Tom Hanks.


article by Brentin Mock: Poll finds that Latinos overwhelmingly support climate action, Jan 2014

article by Phillip Smith: US Farm Bill allows hemp 10 states.

Jan 2014

'Climate Hubs' to help farmers cope with wild weather, Feb 2014.

article by Michael Northrop: Beyond Keystone XL, Eight Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change, Feb 2014

article by Bill Nye: Population is Driving Global Warming.

Accountability International: joinig allies at Forecast the Facts, calling on Boston's PBS affiliate, WGBH, toremove Davod Koch from its board of trustees, Feb 2014.

article by John Deike: New Study shows glaring differences between GMO and non-GMO foods, Feb 2014.

open letter to Rex Tillerson: Former oil exec calls Exxon CEO out on his hypocritical anti-fracking lawsuit, Feb 2014

NYTimes article by Justin Gillis: Scientists sound alarm on climate, March 2014.

NYTimes article by Diane Cardwell: In shift, Exxon Mobil to report on risks to its fossil fuel assets, March 2014.

article by Sophie Yeo: Ban Ki-moon says world leaders 'narrow minded' on climate change, April 2014.

Guardian article by Damian Carrington: Desmond Tutu calls for anti-aparheid style boycott of fossil fuel industry, April 2014.

article by VI. Baker: Global Marshall style plan on climate being initiated by UN climate change panel, April 2014.

National Geographic article by Meg Wilcox: Homebuilder KB Home unveils water and energy efficient housing, April 2014.

NYTimes op-ed by Alan Lightman: Our Lonely Home in Nature, May 2014.

article: Climate Change is already here, says massive government report, May 2014.

NYTimes article: US Climate HAs Already Changed, Study Finds, Citing Heat and Floods; SF Chronicle: A red alert: US assessment says climate change already having dire consequences in every region; Wall St. Journal: Report Says Climate Change Hits Economy Across Nation, May 7, 2014.

article: Conservative Pundits demand Bill Nye stop bullying them on climate change, May 2014.

SF Chronicle: Warming worsening wildfires, scientists say, May 2014.

Alternet article: Neil deGrasse Tyson slams CNN for its stupidity on climate change, May 2014.

NYTimes column by Paul Krugman: Cutting Back on Carbon, May 2014.

EcoWatch article: 20 year old claims he can rid the world's oceans of plastic, June 2014

Vox posting on internet: 7 reasons American will fail on climate change, Ezra Klein, June 2014. article by Sarah Gray: 5 most important lessons from Cosmos, June 2014.

NYTimes column by Thomas Friedman: Obama on Obama on Climate, June 2014

NYTimes column by Paul Krugman: Interests, Ideology and Climate, June 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: Warren Buffett ready to increase Renewable Energy investment to $30 BL, June 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: Bold Nebraska Director Jane Kleeb explains the science behind climate denial, June 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: Tesla releases patents in unprecedented move to advance Electric Vehicles, June 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: New York's shared solar proposal invites millions of renters to the Solar Revolution, June 2014.

UK Independent article by Tom Bawden: Climate Change will cost world more than estimated, June 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: Elon Musk to build world's largest solar panel plant, June 2014.

Union of Concerned Scientists summer publication, 2014 with 3 key articles: Our National Heritage at Risk, Have We Turned a Corner on Deforestation? and Natural Gas: A Risky Proposition, June 2014.

Jon Stewart's Deaf Party Jam: roasting Republicans who willfully deny climate change, June 2014.

Alternet article by Daniel Moss: Why Boston has the best tasting tap water in the nation, June 2014.

Dr Chris Keating, a retired physicist from the Navy Reserve, offers $30,000 to whomever proves that global warming is not happening, July 2014.

Dwayne Villanueva, Karnes county sherriff in Texas: wants crminal charges against fracking polluter, July 2014.

Execuftive Order, making water a major national priority, movig the nation to a clean energy future, submitted to President Obama by American Clean Energy Agenda (ACEA). The draft is titled, Identifiation of Critical Water Resources and Mitigation of Water Use Competition in Vulneralbe Watersheds, July 2014.

SF Chronicle articel by David Helvarg: My oily town - Richmond, July 2014.

EcoWatch article by Brandon Baker: How eating less beef will benefit the environment, July 2014.

NYTimes article by Jennifer Crossley Howard: Off Alabama's beaten path, tribute to Native American's journey home, July 2014.

Alternet article by Lindsay Abrams: Neil deGrasse Tyson, We'll have to 'sink lower' before Congress takes action to save the planet, July 2014.

Inside Climate News article by John Cushman: Obama coal sales to cost society billions in global warming damage, study says, July 2014.

Gov Jerry Brown: California can't keep pushing a climate change agenda if more states and countries don't do the same thing.' SF Chronicle, Aug 2014

NYTimes editorial: Making the Case for High-Speed Rail, Aug 2014.

SF Chronicle, quote by CA state senate leader Darrell Steinberg:

You want what you want, but all politics is a matter of compromising and making sure you get what you need, Aug 2014.

EcoWatch article by Anastasia Pantsios: Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver warns US food not safe for Britain, Aug, 2014.

EcoWatch article by Jeff Biggers: Gunnoe appeals to President...judge dismisses health studies on mountaintop removal, Aug 2014.

NYTimes article by Coral Davenport: Obama pursuing Climate Accord in lieu of treaty, Aug 2014.

Nation of Change article by Emily Atkin: How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil and coal? Aug 2014.

Alternet article by Thom Hartmann: Why a Carbon Tax is absolutely essential to combating Climate Change, Aug 2014. article by Eric Posner: Obama's treaty-ish climate change proposal is good for the planet and perfectly legal, Aug 2014. article by Seth Borenstein: Feds rotect 20 species of coral as threatened, Aug 2014. article by Marianne Lavell: You next roadside attraction: Carbon storage, Aug 2014.

NYTimes article b Felicity Barringer: Desperately dry California tries to curb private drilling for water, Sept 2014.

Huffington Post op-ed by Sec General Ban Ki-moon: Now is the time to act on Climate Change, Aug 2014.

Alternet article by Cliff Weathers: Graphene: how carbon ma help save the planet from Global Warming, Drought and more, Sept 2014.

Rolling Stone magazine article by Tim Dickinson: INside the Koch Brothers' toxic empire, Sept 2014.

World Population website upgrade, Oct 2014.

NYTimes editorial: Mr Obama's Pacific Monument, Oct 2014.

NYTimes columnist Gail Collins: The Walrus and the Politicians, Oct 2014.

SF Chronicle front page article by Kurtis Alexander: Redwoods' latest threat, Oct 2014.

NYTimes article by Dennis Overbye: 1 American and 2 Japanese physicists share Nobel for work on LED lights, Oct 2014. Another American, Nick Holonyak Jr of the Univ of Illinois gets a tribute in the article, who invented the first red-light diode in 1962, who has called the LED the 'the ultimate lamp.'

EcoWatch article by Anastasia Pantsios: Pentagon declares war on Climate Change, Oct 2014.

NYTimes article by John Schwartz: Pragmatism on Climate Change trumps politics at local level across US, Oct 2014.

Daily Kos article by Walter Einenkel: Native American tribe outlaws fracking on tribal lands, Oct 2014.

The Bernie Buzz Update: A dire warming on Global Warming, Nov 2014.

NYTimes op-ed by Evan Mandery: The Missing Campus Climate Debate, Nov 2014.

EcoWatch article by Stefanie Spear: Breaking, 25 arrested shutting down FERC office in DC, Nov 2014.

Zephyr Teachout, primary candidate for NY governor, wins all counties in upstate NY that were fighting against fracking. She promised to ban fracking on her first day in office, Nov 4, 2014. Gov Cuomo bans fracking the following month. article by Dave Gardner: Save the planet, stop having children, Nov 2014.

EcoWatch article by Stefanie Spear: Julia Roberts is Mother Nature, Nov 2014. article by Tim Stevens: Former UNC and NFL center Jason Brown shares his massive potato harvest, Nov 2014.

Daily Kos article by EricAZ: How Native Americans beat the Kochs in 'America's most competitive' congressional district, Nov 2014.

Neil Young statement: GOODBYE STARBUCKS, Nov 2014.

SF Chronicle front page article by Melody Gutierrez and Carla Marinucci: Bronw sets high goals for 4th term, governor plans to build legacy on rail and water, Nov 2014.  

Same publication, lead letter by Stuart Collins of SF: Climate action good for economy.

Same publication, cartoon by Tom Toles: elephant in water about to be submerged by a tsunami says 'The votes have been counted. This isn't happening.' Climate Change represented by darkening clouds with thunder and lightning.

NYTimes front page article by Henry Fountain: Climate Cures Seeking to Tap Nature's Power, Nov 2014.

From Politico: Oh It's On - POTUS readies sweeping series of executive actions to combat Global Warming, Nov 2014.

NYTimes front page article: US and China Reach Agreement on Climate In Step to Global Pact, landmark deal, negotiated in secret, would cut carbon emissions, Nov 12, 2014.

Science Daily, Univ of Minnesota: Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both, Nov 2014.

NYTimes front page article by Coral Davenport: IN CLIMATE DEAL, OBAMA MAY SET A THEME FOR 2016, CAUSE SEEN AS POPULAR, Nov 2014.

EcoWatch article by Tim Radford: Eating healthy mitigates Climate Change, Nov 2014.

NYTimes letter to the editor: A Nobel Laureate's View of a Senator's Energy Choices, Nov 18, 2014. article by Joe Romm: China to cap coal use by 2020 to meet game-changing climate, air pollution targets, Nov 19, 2014.

EcoWatch article by David Suzuki: Keen observers of the Natural World wanted, Nov 19, 2014.

Email from Mothers OutFront, Mobilizing for a LIvable Climate: Let's do this, Nov 20, 2014.

EcoWatch article by Stephen Abbott: 3 reasons universities re investing (in) Renewable Energy, Nov 26, 2014.

NYTimes front page article by Coral Davenport: OPTIMISM FACES GRAVE REALITIES AT CLIMATE TALKS, envoys gather in Lima, Dec 1, 2014.

NYTimes columnist, Nicholas Kristof: Abusing Chickens we eat, Dec 4, 2014.

One Green Planet article by Matthew Zumbo: one third of Americans eat vegan, Dec 6, 2014.

TRNN (The Real News Network) replay what to do next about Global Warming? Alan Robock, climatologist professor at Rutgers Univ, says coal burning must end now and fracking is not a good transition form of energy production, Dec 7, 2014.

Remarks: Secretary of State John Kerry on Climate Change at COP20, Lima Peru, Dec 11, 2014.

EcoWatch article by Ken Berlin: Nations commit to international Climate Action. How will they get there? Dec 12, 2014.

EcoWatch article by Anastasia Pantsios: NYC may deBlasio steps up on Clmate Change, Dec 12, 2014.

NYTimes article by Coral Davenport: 196 nations plod forward on Climate Change deal, Dec 13, 2014. article, by Leehi Yona: At COP20 UN climate talks, Canada is representng the Fossil Fuel industry, Dec 14, 2014.

Email from Sec of the Interior, Sally Jewell: What the President just did, Dec 16, 2014.

NYTimes Science Times article by Justin Gillis: 3.6 degrees of Uncertainty, Dec 16, 2014. article: Emissions-cutting deal reached at COP20 LIma, but will it help prevent catastrophic Climate Change? Dec 16, 2014.

EcoWatch article by Carl Pope: 5 new realities that will determine the future of energy, Dec 16, 2014.

SF Chronicle front page article, by Carla Marinucci: State Dems put climate change high on agenda, pension funds' holdings in coal will be a target, Dec 16, 2014.

Email from Catskill Mountaineerkeeper: NEW YORK STATE TO BAN FRACKING, Dec 17, 2014.

NYTimes Business Section, Dec 31, 2014:

Obama's Trade Chief, Undaunted by Odds, Pushes for a 12-Nation Deal.

A Nation's Pride, Chided.

Start-Ups Rise to Close a Gap for Farmers.

SF Chronicle Open Forum by Hunter Stern, Dec 31, 2014:

Good news, bad in energy report.

2013 Archive

Our theme for the year 2013:

Building a converging, unified and urgent voice for the Climate Movement.

Award categories are:

one - accomplishments in 2013

two - anniversary awards

three - memorial awards

four - actions during the year 2013

We celebrated these recipients, on Nov 16 2013, in Danville CA, by honoring one of them, Professor Mark Jacobson, Stanford Univ professor of environmental engineering, and lead author of breakthrough research, on how each state in the US, can go 100% renewable by 2030. The backstory that led to this remarkable process, can be found at .

See more details below, under category four.

OUR 2013 AWARDEES follow....


James Balog and team - for the documentary,

Chasing Ice, tracking National Geographic photographer James Balog and his team who follow the collapse of glaciers on three continents.

Directed by Jeff Orlowski.

Subhankar Banerjee - who edited the anthology,

Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point. The book shares the writing of Climate Storytellers, including Rosemary Ahtuangaruak, Chie Sakakibara and Christine Shearer. It answers the question, 'why should I care about the Arctic?'

Adrian Bejan and J.Peder Zane - co-authors of

Design in Nature: How the Constructual Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology and Social Organization. It shows how recurring patterns in nature can be found in all other designs in our world.

David Boyd - authored The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada's Constitution. This provides a roadmap for how governments and industry can be more accountable. Canada and the US stand out among the developed nations, on lacking the Rights to a Healthy Environment in our constitutions. The author is one of Canada's leading environmental law experts.

Susan Clark and Woden Teachout - co-authors of Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home. Presents how the process of democracy itself needs to be at the heart of 21st century sustainable community building.

Club of Rome - presented its first Change-Course-Conference, in Winterthur Switzerland, to be a permanent platform to share and exchange ideas for a desired future. Designed to honor the 40th anniversary of the publishing of Limits to Growth.

Matt Damon and John Krasinski - screenplay writers and leading actors in the movie, Promised Land. A timely film on the challenges of drilling rights for nat-ural gas and how it affects rural America. Also star-ring Frances McDormand. Directed by Gus Van Sant.

David Suzuki Foundation - presented 40 years of satellite images of British Columbia, revealing rapidly growing hydrocarbon development, and how it is undermining the government goal to drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2020. 2012 also marks the release of David Suzuki's biographical film, Force of Nature, sharing his life's work as a geneticist, educator/broadcaster, with his blueprint for survival.

Ed Dreby and team - edited with his team, Keith Helmuth, Judy Lumb and Margaret Mansfield, two publications for the Quaker Institute for the Future:

It's the Economy, Friends: Understanding the Growth Dilemma and Beyond the Growth Dilemma: Toward an Ecologically Integrated Economy. This work helps determine frontline work, assisting the Friends Committee on National Legislation - FCNL. These pamphlets can be ordered from this website,

Detox Initiative - launched by Greenpeace East Asia, has gotten commitments from 11 clothing companies, including Levi's, for credible improvement on the pollution they create. See

Senator Dorgan - founder of the Center for Native American Youth, launched the initiative, Champions for Change, honoring youth in Native communities taking on leadership roles. See

Fallen Fruit - this team of artists created a long-term art collaboration that began mapping fruit trees on public property in Los Angeles, starting in 2004. They believe this helps the public reimagine use of urban space. This award is based on their 2012 project called Public Fruit Wallpaper, Hawaii, used borrowed and found fruit from Honolulu's Chinatown neighbor-hood. A new pilot project intended for global scale, is their Endless Orchard in MacArthur Park: an urban fruit trail. The artists are David Burns and Austin Young. Matias Viegener was a co-founder, but is no longer involved.

Paul Gilding - author of The Great Disruption: Why the Climate Crisis Will Bring On the End of Shopping and The Birth of a New World. A compelling book on how we need to brace for impact from climate change.

No more worrying, he says. It is time for action.

Daniel Goleman and Team - with co-authors Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow, Goleman created Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social and Ecological Intelligence. Inspiring and practical at the same time, this book presents a new model of education. The Center fo Ecoliteracy has worked for 20 years developing school curricula across the US and elsewhere as well. It is based in the David Brower Center in Berkeley CA

Mark Hertsgaard - author of Hot: Living Through the next Fifty Years on Earth. As a long-time reporter on climate issues and a parent as well, he labels the newest generation as Generation Hot. He presents solutions and how we will survive. He is also co-founder of Climate Parents, with Lisa Hoyos.

Wenonah Hauter - author of Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America. Having inherited an organic farm outside of Washington DC, the author understands the need for healthy food and water, and how to get the attention of Congress and the White House too. Her organization, Food and Water Watch is one of the most effective activist groups in the country. See

Chris Hedges/ Joe Sacco - author and cartoonist,

of Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. This book covers their travels across the country, to settings that have been depleted by industrial activity, putting profit over human and natural needs, which they call sacrifice zones, and ending with coverage of American Labor and the Occupy Movement role in turning this scenario around. 

Jeremy Irons - the actor turned executive producer of the documentary, Trashed, which takes on the sobering subject of global waste. Directed by Candida Brady. Far flung locations and issues are covered: pollution in the Arctic, poisons in the food chain in Iceland, and in South Vietnam, suffering from the affects of Agent Orange, with continuing birth defects. Producer Irons observes, 'we are at the tipping point.'


Danny Kennedy/Wesley Clark - Kennedy authored Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save our Economy and our Planet from Dirty Energy, with a Foreword by General Wesley Clark. This inspiring book on how solar is rapidly taking off from an insider's view has much appeal, as well as the author's own personal narrative. Learning about the appeal of leasing solar makes this a practical primer.

The author is a co-founder of

which offers solar leasing in at least 8 states.

Gene Marshall - lead author of The Road From Empire to Eco-Democracy. His co-authors are Ben Ball, Marsha Buck, Ken Kreutziger and Alan Richard. The team wants to 'fertilize the fruitful imagination and courage it will require, to walk this road.' They further explain the need for 'taking the long view' and the processes to get us there.

Chris Matthews - on his Hardball show on MSNBC, in October 2012, presented Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University, and then-Congressman Markey (now Senator Markey), following Hurricane Sandy. The focus ended up being on the need to get legislation through Congress to adequately address Climate Change.

Mary Oliver - for her poetry collection, A Thousand Mornings. Her life work is defined by the imagery of her home in Provincetown MA: 'the wonder of dawn, the grace of animals, the transformative power of attention.'

Yoko Ono and Team - with son Sean Lennon and 150 fellow artists, founded Artists Against Fracking, due to the threat of fracking in upstate New York. They have had billboards created, saying 'Imagine There's No Fracking...' See 

Greg Pahl - author of Power from the People: How to Organize, Finance and Launch Local Energy Projects: A Community Resilience Guide. Foreword by Van Jones. A most compelling book on how communities can locally create renewable energy, moving the mar-ket where we need it to be: away from the 90% of cen-tralized non-renewable sources. A primer for us all.

David Patterson, aka Silver Wolf - was hired 2012 by the most top rated socialwork school in the US: the Brown School at Washington University in St Louis.

He is the first Native American to be hired. He has done groundbreaking research on the pitfalls facing Native Americans. In his own troubled youth, he found a new path, from the sighting of a red-tailed hawk feather on the sidewalk, thanks to the guidance of his part Cherokee mother's brother. Due to this influence, he now works to change this negative cycle for the next generation.

Eliot Porter/Michael Brune - for the book, Eliot Porter: In the Realm of Nature, which honors the work of nature photographer, Eliot Porter, who was encouraged by Ansel Adams and Alfred Steiglitz. Edited by Paul Martineau. Foreword by Michael Brune. Eliot Porter's work was done in collaboration with the Sierra Club, helping to preserve wild places.

Presidential Climate Action Project - for their Oct 2012 report on how the winner of the Nov 2012 election for US president can address climate change, without Congress. The 62-page report lists 10 recom-

mendations, starting with completing the job of pricing carbon, and ending with helping the American people envision an advanced energy economy. Based in Golden CO, advisors for this project include Hunter Lovins, David Orr and Theodore Roosevelt IV.

Jorgen Randers - authored 2052: A global Forecast for the Next Forty Years. The co-author of Limits of Growth examines how we humans will adapt to planet Earth in the 21st century. The most important thing we can do, he warns, is to end use of fossil fuel as soon as possible, making the future scenario a more livable one for us all.

John Taft and Team - author of Stewardship: Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street.

The lead author is the CEO of RBC Wealth Manage-ment US, and a leading figure in the US securities industry. He calls for a more stable and compassionate financial system. He is direct descendant of President Taft and Senator Taft. Foreword by John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group. Afterword by Charles Ellis, fellow member of the Yale community, like the author.


Hickory Edwards - the 400th anniversary of the first treaty between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the European settlers got honored, by this citizen of the Onondaga Nation, which is just south of Syracuse NY and the heart of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, also known as the Six Nations, or the Iroquois. He is also the nephew of Chief Jake Edwards, and makes an annual kayak journey into Mohawk country, 150 miles away, along the Onondaga Creek. From July into August 2013, he honored this anniversary with a massive canoe flotilla down the Hudson River from Albany to the New York City harbor. Chief Edwards shared this in coordination with this event: 'The Onondaga Nation honors water, and asks Gov Cuomo to maintain the moratorium on fracking.' Chief Edwards links Extreme Weather to Global Warming. "Nobody's exempt from this,' he says. "Our environment wouldn't be in the bad shape it is, if we paid attention to the original agreements.' The Syracuse Peace Council has created the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, to continue this dialogue.


Georgia O'Keeffe - in 1928, this renowned artist said this about her work, Oriental Poppies: 'A flower is very small. Everyone has many associations with a flower. So I said to myself, I'll paint what I see, what the flower is to me, but I'll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it.' This quote was found in the book, O'Keeffe, by Britta Benke.

President Kennedy - who we lost on November 22, 1963, who shared this at his inauguration, January 1961: 'Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.' In 2012, historian Alan Brinkley published John F. Kennedy, and in it described how we Americans see him today (adapted): 'His legacy has only grown since his death, that politics could speak to society's moral yearnings and be harnessed to its highest aspirations. He reminds us of a time when the nation's capacities looked limitless, when Americans believed that we could solve hard problems and accomplish bold deeds.'

Martin Luther King Jr - in 1963 he shared this from his Birmingham, Alabama prison cell: 'We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.' Later, in August 1963 he shared his 'I Have a Dream' speech in Washington DC on the Washington Mall. These were both shared this past January 2013, when Dr James Hansen, our leading US climatologist, revisited these words, at a climate rally outside of the White House in DC, asking the world to quit using fossil fuels.

Eliot Porter/David Brower - the book, The Place No One Knew: Glen Canyon on the Colorado, was published in 1993 and is seen before the demise of this canyon, through the eyes of legendary photographer, Eliot Porter. This book chronicles the beauty of a river, that Sierra Club president at the time, David Brower, made as a sacrifice, for other rivers to go free. David Brower shares in his Foreword of this book, this moral: 'Progress need not deny

to the people their inalienable right to be informed, and to choose.'

Roy Ahmaogak - in 1988, at Point Barrow, in Barrow Alaska, discovered a family of beluga whales trapped under ice. A reporter with the local radio station KBRW, started reporting the incident nationally. It became an international story, that resulted in the 2012 movie, Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski.

R. Carlos Nakai - in 1993 produced Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music. Of Navajo-Ute heritage, he is the world's premier performer of the Native American flute.

Ernest Hemingway - his book Across the River and Into the Trees, was republished in 1998, with a description of the beauty and majesty of Venice, mixed into a love story. One reader called it, 'radiant descriptions of Venice.' The original release was in 1950, this renowned writer's last full novel. 

Richard Heinberg and Team - founded the Post Carbon Institute in 2003, based in Santa Rosa CA, with a plan to lead the transition to a resilient world. Its mission statement envisions a world of resilient communities and re-localized economies that thrive within ecological bounds. Its 4 goals are: building awareness, fostering collaboration, integrating knowledge and inspiring action on this mission. Its 30 Fellows include Majora Carter, Paul Gilding, Rob Hopkins, Wes Jackson, Bill McKibben and David Orr. See

Elon Musk - launched his Tesla company in 2003, which since has proved itself to be a most lucrative enterprise, breaking all records for the ultimate safe car, while proving to be the leading electric car of its time. A lower cost model is due out soon. See

Richard Cizik - founded the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good in 2008. Its mission: Creation Care. It has set a trend in the interfaith community for better stewardship of our shared biosphere, giving it a name.

Peter Blaze Corcoran - co-edited A Voice for Earth: American Writers Respond to the Earth Charter, published in 2008. His co-editor was James Wohlpart and his assistant, Brandon Hollingshead. It is a collection of poems, essays and stories that provide ethical principles outlined in the Earth Charter, which was adopted in 2000 with the mission of 'addressing the economic, social, political, spiritual and environ-mental problems confronting the world in the twenty-first century.'

Hilary Farr and David Visentin - hosts of

Love It or List It, which debuted in 2008 locally in Toronto Canada, but has since aired on HGTV in the US, including its sequel production, Love It or List It too. Designer Hilary and her team shares creative ways to upgrade and retrofit homes for contemporary lifestyles with smart upgrades using insulation, low-water fixtures, and other sustainably minded choices. Realtor David showcases smart sustainably- upgraded homes, primed for move-in-ready sales.

Global Campaign for Climate Action - formed in 2008, to prepare for an ambitious and binding climate treaty at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, in 2009. While these goals have not been met, this group continues to foster the work of network of over 400 nonprofit organizations, in the race to a low carbon future. Their logo is tcktcktck, conveying the urgency of taking action. It is based in Montreal, Canada.


Melissa Nelson - edited the 2008 publication of Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future. She is of mixed-blood (Chippewa and Norwegian) and professor of American Indian Studies at SF State University, dedicating her activism to Indigenous revitalization. She co-produced the award-winning documentary, The Salt Song Trail: Bringing Creation Back Together.

Marie Monique Robin - producer and host of this 2008 documentary, The World According to Monsanto. We learn how there has been much manipulated, both in our US government and the agricultural industry, to get world eaters to trust GMO food and soil affected by the use of chemicals produced by Monsanto. With much legal effort going on globally against this company, this DVD offers real evidence on why this company and many similar chemical companies are getting scrutizined more heavily, and why the rise of certified organic food is going to prevail. She has authored a book by the same name as the DVD.

David Sanborn Scott - author of the 2008 book, Smelling Land: The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastrophe. He is one of Canada's leading energy experts, showing in his book what he considers the only viable choice: hydrogen. A future with hydrogen in it, is supported by the lead author of Jacobson et al on the 100% Renewable front.

Vandana Shiva - author of the 2008 book, Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis. She is revered for her work in India that is honored worldwide, based on a passion that a healthy world and a just world, go hand in hand. She is one of our guides to get us beyond industrialized agriculture.


Rebecca Tarbotton - Dec 2012

Exec Dir of Rainforest Network. Two months before her death, after 18 months of pressure on Walt Disney Company, the company announces it would no longer buy paper from endangered forests or conflict zones. She considered this her biggest coup. See

Kenojuak Ashevak - Jan 2013

A once-nomadic Inuit artist from Canadian Arctic, best known for her Enchanted Owl, appearing on a Canadian stamp in 1970. Her art and life were the focus of the book, Graphic Arts of the Inuit: Kenojuak.

Congressman Bob Edgar - April 2013

He served in Congress for 12 years, representing Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district, and was CEO and president of Common Cause when he died. He was on several boards, one being the National Coalition on Health Care, another the Environment and Energy Study Institute. He authored the book Middle Church, rallying progressives of faith, to take back the moral high ground.

Toshi Seeger - July 2013

Born Toshi Ohta in Munich Germany to an American mother and a Japanese father, she came to the US as an infant. She grew up in a family of progressives, meeting Pete Seeger at the HS of Music and Art in NYC. They married before he went overseas to war in 1943, then moved to Beacon NY where they raised 3 children. She was an organizer, activist and film-maker, and an essential part of her husband's work.


August Schellenberg - Aug 2013

Born in Montreal of a Mohawk mother and a Swiss father, he played the whale trainer in Free Willy in 1993, won an Emmy nomination for the HBO movie, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee in 2007, and recently played the role of King Lear in Ottawa.


2013 AWARDS that honor our theme this year

Tom Toles - Washington Post cartoonist: Jan 2 2013 cartoon, 'They're Just Practicing', with Fiscal Cliff portrayed on top of Earth, and large cavity showing Climate breaking into Earth. Jan 13 2013 cartoon, 'Local conditions may vary' with wildfire showing 2012 warmest US year on record by far, next to ice cube of US Govt Response.

Woodstock NY - The Town Board on Jan 15 2013, votes 4-0 to criminalize hydrofracking in the state of New York.

Tom Meyer - Jan 16 2013 cartoon, 'You sure this is the only way to get to it?' showing oil companies trying to get to 'billions of barrels of CA shale oil' that is guarded by skeleton of Tyrannasaurus Rex, labeled ' Environmental Lobby' with a ladder leading into its jaw.

Allan Savory and team - his TED talk is posted on YouTube, in Feb 2013, sharing the Savory Institute approach to reversing climate change. By amending the soil of half of the world's deserts by Holistic grazing of livestock, it would draw carbon out of the atmosphere enabling a more stabilized planet Earth.

See details at They have set a goal of 100 Savory Hubs by 2025 on 5 continents. Each hub would be the size of at least 50,000 to 75,000 acres.

Feb 17 2013 was the 22-city Forward on Climate Rally, the key rally being in Washington DC with the following speakers, putting them on the national stage for the Climate Movement.

Michael Brune - Exec Dir of the Sierra Club, author

Casey Camp - Oklahoma Ponca Nation Elder

Maria Cardon - founder of Latinovations

Van Jones - founder/Rebuilding American Dream

Crystal Lameman, First Nation Cree, Alberta Canada

Bill McKibben - co-founder,, author

Tom Steyer - founder, Next Gen Climate Action

Chief Thomas, First Nation Cree, Alberta Canada

Senator Whitehouse - D-RI, Safe Climate Caucus

Rev Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus, moderator

The next major event being put on by will be Sept 20-21 2014, in NYC. Details can be found at

Mark Jacobson et al - his team had their first blueprint published in the March issue of the Energy Policy Journal, showing how the state of NY can go 100% renewable by 2030. His co-authors are Cornell Professors Ingraffea and Howarth and UC Davis Professor DeLucchi. The lead author is environment engineer professor at Stanford.

See, updated with all 50 state blueprints, in Feb 2014.

MOSAIC - over 1 million dollars had been raised by March 6 2013, by this Oakland-based company, just 2 months after introducing its crowd-funding platform, making it possible for small, non-accredited investors to earn interest financing clean energy projects.


Sandra Steingraber and team - on March 18 2013 this Ithaca College biology professor and author, and 11 others were arrested, protesting controversial hydrofracking at the entrance of a natural gas facility in upstate NY.

Mayor Wes Perry - this mayor of Midland TX, also an oilman, had this to say about the 3 year old TX drought: 'As valuable as oil and gas are, we are worthless without water.' He was featured in the April 7 NY Times article, Getting Serious About a Texas-size Drought.

Renewables 100 Policy Institute - this institute put on its first conference in SF, called Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy, April 16 2013. Its co-directors were Angelina Galiteva and Diane Moss.

As founder/Board Chair and founding director of the institute, they were encouraged to set it up, by then German politician and feed-in tariff initiator, Hermann Scheer , author of the award-winning books, A Solar Manifesto and The Solar Economy and more recently, Energy Autonomy. This member of the German Parliament was also recipient of multiple awards, including the World Solar Prize. He died in 2010 at the age of 66. See and its campaign counterpart,

It should read: Congressman Grijalva/Gosar. Congressman Raul Grijalva, the hero - Congressman Paul Gosar, the anti-hero, who represents all the naysayers in Congress on climate change, over 130 of them.

In May, 2013, Grijalva organized a letter to President Obama with 30 signatures of members of Congress, urging him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Both he and Gosar have districts in Arizona with extreme heat, drought and wildfires. Gosar continues to reject scientific consensus that the earth is warming. Something has to change on this front. Our campaign supports efforts on this.

AP, Stanford and Yale polls consistently showing

that over 80% of Americans consider global warming serious, and want something done, no matter the cost.  

An interesting coincidence on the 80% percent, is that some leading economists and now Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein and the team share with their DoTheMath initiative, that 80% of fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground, if we want to avoid climatic chaos. See this link for the message on this,with their 45 minute DoTheMath movie - 

Goldman Sachs - May 16 2013, was the day it was learned, this company would finance Solar City with more than 500 million dollars for rooftop solar system installations, won by the board chair of Solar City, Elon Musk. - this new website launched in June 2013, sharing a Wall of Fame and a Wall of Shame, under the leadership of filmmakers Dave Gardner and Lynsey Jones.

Prince Charles - June 3 2013, Huffington Post reports on the Prince introducing his film, Global Sustainability.

Available on YouTube, this 8 min video focuses on the need for better management of fisheries and water use in businesses. Produced by the Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project. See

Clearly, this accomplished organic farmer is working to influence the world, making it more viable for us all.

He has also authored books, titled Harmony, and produced a movie by the same name.


Robert Redford - as spokesperson for the NRDC, June 11 2013, challenges the President to limit power plant carbon pollution. By the fall, the EPA was getting public input across the US. The NRDC has determned that these carbon emissions could be cut 26% by 2020. Extreme Weather is forcing this: The NRDC reported taxpayer costs in 2012, were $96 BL.

Chris Williams - on June 29 2013, 4 days after the President's speech on climate change, this physics professor at Pace Univ, wrote an article titled, A Presidential Speech Won't Solve Climate Change. It's Going to Take Major Demonstrations and Activism by the Public.

Mark Bittman - his July 1 2013 column, brings his food skills front and center on our drought issue: Let's Not Braise the Planet, is the title. Aug 24, he nixes nucle-ar power. His Oct 23 NY Times column: Now This Is Natural Food, asks the question, 'Can we break away from monoculture and eat perennial plants?' He cites Wes Jackson of the Land Institute: 'soil loss is one of the biggest hidden costs of industrial ag...the no-till style reduces (this).' More wisdom for our Farm Bill.


Louis Allstadt - July 19 2013 it is reported: 'Former Mobil VP Warns of Fracking and Climate Change.' Recently elected a Cooperstown NY Trustee, he is catching up to his industry's impact on the planet's atmosphere. He is active with the group, Sustainable Otsego, named after the county that Cooperstown is in.

Joel Pett - cartoonist with the Lexington Herald-Leader in KY. His July 21 2013 cartoon shows a clock at 5 minutes to midnight labeled Environmental Decline, its planet-shaped pendulum labeled, Population.

State Senator Mark DeSaulnier - Our campaign's representative in Sacramento CA, on a visit to his Walnut Creek office on Aug 23 2013, learned about our new campaign initiative, supporting the 100% Renewable plan. We have kept him informed on Community Choice Aggregation energy (CCA), for the 2 counties in the East Bay. He has promised to lend support for this effort to go 100% Renewable. See more details on CCAs on our website,

Rachel Maddow - on her Rachel Maddow Show, interviews Chris Hayes, host of All In, Aug 23 2013, on his climate change documentary which aired the previous week, on MSNBC. Both are hosts with MSNBC.

Michael Breen - his article Aug 25 2013, is titled, National Security - Our top threat: climate change. Terrorists exploit US need for oil. He is the Exec Dir of the Truman National Securiy Project and Center for National Policy in Washington DC.

Annie Leonard - her Aug 28 2013 article: We Should Not Buy Artifacts of Indulgence and Disposability: How About Well-Made, and Doesn't Trash the Planet?

The author of 'The Story of Stuff' (2007) has a followup.

Stepanie Spear - in Sept 2013, EcoWatch became a Certified B Corportion, joining more than 800 companies that put people and planet before profit. She is CEO and editor-in-chief of EcoWatch, which has been published for more than 23 years. See

David Brandt - became a national hero, when the NY Times Sept 9 2013 article was published, One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever, revealing how this Ohio no-till, organic cover crop farmer, whose farm survived the 2013 drought in SE Ohio, shared his skills with surrounding neighbor farmers who lost most of their industrial-scale crops. He set up workshops for them in one of his barns. With his focus on cover crops, he has been called the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi of soil.'

National Heirloom Expo - its third annual event took place in early Sept 2013, in Santa Rosa CA, co-directed by Paul Wallace and Jere Gettle, with a big emphasis on seed farming. Its 2nd annual event attracted 10,000. This one, even more, with featured speakers including the prolific author, Vandana Shiva, traveling from her native India. See

Michael Shank - this director of foreign policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, focuses on the need to national policy on the climate, with his Sept 19 2013 article, Fed Up With Climate Change Apathy. While the West is burning from wildfires, Capitol Hill is inactive, and '24% of Americans support non-violent civil disobedience against corporate or government activities that make global warming worse.'

International Women's Earth/Climate Initiative - co-directed by Osprey Lake and Sally Ranney, had its first gathering Sept 20-23 2013 in Suffern NY, with its manifesto for change. It included many female leaders: Sylvia Earle, Maude Barlow, Vandana Shiva, Mary Robinson, Jane Goodall and more. Christiane Ananpour of CNN interviewed Goodall and Shiva following the event. This group now has a new name: Women's Earth and Climate Action Network, Intl. See

Gov Jerry Brown and Xie Zhenhua - sign an agreement on low-carbon development, revealed Sept 22 2013, with the article, Governments acting alone bad way to handle big issues. This landmark agreement between China and California shows a different format for taking on our climate threat.

Kate Gordon - VP and spokesperson for the Next Generation Climate Action Network, highlights what former Sec of State George Shultz demands, with her Sept 24 2013 article, Let's Upgrade Our Insurance Policy on Climate-Change Risk. See

Davis Institute for Transportation Studies - wins national competition Sep 25 2013, to lead 11 million dollar federal study on how to reduce impact of America's transportation system on climate change. This institue is located on the UC Davis campus. The center director, Susan Handy states, we need to 'reduce the mount of driving. That is one of the goals.'

IPCC report, its fifth Assessment report, released Sept 26 2013. Chaired by Rajendra Pauchauri, this scientific report sets a more somber tone on what lies ahead. See details at

Food Tank - on Sept 27 2013, this new non-profit, co-directed by Ellen Gustafson and Danielle Nierenberg, presented: 26 food films you have to watch. They are raising the bar on the importance of good food with environmentally sustainable ways to alleviate hunger, obesity and poverty. See

Yvo de Boer - this former UN climate chief on Oct 1 2013, makes the case that the 2015 summit requires a global carbon price for it be successful. This comes following the latest assessment by the IPCC report (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which he calls a 'wake-up call' that should underpin political efforts to cut global greenhouse gas emissions. - this tri-partisan team wants to spread the word to the business community, that taking climate change on to determine your bottom line, is smart. Otherwise, you run a risky business. Launched Oct 1 2013 by then Mayor Bloomberg, an Independent, Sec Paulson, a Republican, and Democrat venture capitalist turned activist, Tom Steyer.

Mark Walport - as chief scientific advisor to the UK government, Sir Walport makes his point Oct 3 2013, that 'Science is not finished until it's communicated.' He finishes that statement with this: 'The communication to wider audiences is part of the job of being a scientist, and so how you communicate is absolutely vital.'

Christine MacDonald - reporter for Natural Awakenings, her Oct 7 2013 article, EASING EARTH'S RISING FEVER: The Right Steps Now Can Avert the Worst of It, she covers the work of distinguished professor emeritus, climate scientist Richard Somerville, PhD. He is a researcher at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, and author of The Forgiving Air. His biggest statement to warn us all: " With the bases loaded, look out, because Mother Nature bats last.

The Hero Hatchery - launched Oct 8 2013 by 2 MBAs in sustainable business, Ryan Kushner and Amanda Ravenhill, offering yearly fellowships for Climate Heroes, and training sessions from climate activists, like Bill McKibben and Paul Hawken. See

Franke James - Canadian climate activist and visual artist, describes herself as an artist and storyteller so visual essays are a natural way to express her ideas. The Harper Govt blacklisted her in 2011. She was shocked. She got help from Bill McKibben at, and went public. She alerted the media. She made lemonade from lemons, and published the book, Banned On The Hill, published in 2013. See .

Jeffrey Smith/John Robbins - put on the GMO mini- Summit, Oct 24-26 2013. This webinar effort and its followup attracted over 75,000 Americans on the threat of GMOs. Its biggest most featured speaker was lawyer/author, Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety, based in DC with an SF office. He has taken on numberous lawsuits against Monsanto, and is a proven winner against this formidable opponent. See and

Amory Lovins - his article got posted on the internet Oct 28 2013, The End of the Conflict-Creating Oil Age Is Coming Into View - Here's What the Future Looks Like. A strong believer in energy efficiency and a future with no nuclear and little natural gas. His book, Reinventing Fire, details all this.

Naomi Klein - posted on the internet Oct 29 2013, Why Science Is Telling All of Us to Revolt and Change Our Lives Before We Destroy the Planet. Most Americans don't realize this Canadian journalist, raised by American parents, and recently teamed up with Bill McKibben and his DoTheMath Tour in 2012, was trained as an economist at the London School of Economics. She goes into lengthy discourse in this article, pushing us to revolt. Sheis featured in the 45-minute DoTheMath movie - 

2014 Climate Models Calendar is on the market by Oct 2013 - a most unique way to learn more about climate scientists. Designed by Francesco Fiondella and Rebecca Fowler to 'humanize scientists and facilitate (more) understanding of current climate research. See

President Obama - Nov 1 2013, marks the date of his new pro-active approach to climate change. He orders all federal agencies to take a pro-active approach to Climate Change, beginning his series of promised executive orders on it.

2012 Archive

Our inaugural year ceremony took place in Washington DC, on Oct 7th, 2012.

It was planned for the National Mall, to be a public event, but rain and cold weather changed that. We hope our awards in 2013 will allow us to be in a public setting, regardless of the weather.

We acknowledge, that our climate threat means that more Americans need to consider it enough of a concern, that they will honor these heroes, and take more steps to do what they can individually do, to use less of a carbon footprint, following our campaign guidelines, and to help move the climate movement forward, with involvement in local and national efforts, to move Congress and the White House, to take bolder action.

Our future depends on these courageous actions.


We welcome any and all involvement in this effort...

Update on our OCT 7 2012 Atlas Awards ceremony in DC:  

now on Facebook and YouTube:!/AtlasAwards - statements from those unable to make ceremony and co-host statements - acceptance speeches of winners at the ceremony

The 2012 recipients were...

CATEGORY ONE - Awarded for their accomplishments in 2011, for their outstanding leadership, these individuals enlightened masses of Americans on our climate challenge and its urgency, or implemented a prototype project, or took noteworthy action.

Cynthia Adams - as Executive Director of LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program), implemented the first state launching of the new federal PowerSaver loan, in Charlottesville VA, intended to be a national loan for retrofitting the US building sector for efficient clean energy.

Maude Barlow – for her civil disobedience at the Parliament House in Ottawa Canada, protesting the Keystone Pipeline, as author, global water activist, champion of the rights of nature, and national chair of the Council of Canadians. 

Timothy Beatley - for his book,

Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning.

Gigi Brisson, Sylvia Earle, Richard Branson and Ted Turner – for the founding of Ocean Elders, founded by Seattle-based philanthropist Gigi, and her founding members Dr Earle and CEOs Branson and Turner, to bring more attention to the need for protecting our oceans.

Lester Brown – for his PBS broadcast presentation, Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, and his most recent book, World on the Edge: how to prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse. He is founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, in Washington DC.

Peter Calthorpe – for his book, Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change. He is founder of Calthorpe Associates, Berkeley CA: urban designers, planners and architects. He 'recently led a groundbreaking state-wide urban design effort, Vision California, to inform the implementation of the state's Climate Change legislation.'

T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn Jr – for their DVD documentary, Forks Over Knives. These two doctors have dedicated their careers to plant-based nutrition.

George Clooney – for his portrayal of the family patriarch in Hawaii, protecting the natural world in the movie, The Descendants, originally written by book writer Kaui Hart Hemmings, adapted screenplay by writer and film director, Alexander Payne, with Nat Faxon and Jim Rash.

Andrew Dannenberg, Howard Frumkin and Richard Jackson - editors of the book, Making Healthy Places: designing and building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability.

Morgan Freeman – for his movie portrayal of marine biologist, Dr McCarthy in the true life story in the movie, Dolphin Tale, originally written by Craig, Juliana and Isabella Hatkoff, adapted screenplay by Karen Janszen and Noam Dromi, showing how strong the bond can be between humans and wildlife.

Darrell Frey - for his book, Bioshelter Market Garden: a Permaculture Farm.

Allen Gilliland - for building the first Net Zero Energy home in the state of CA with his group, One Sky Homes. It has been recognized by the CA Energy Commission, and is a standard for all new construction by 2020 in the state, as mandated by AB32, CA's 2006 Global Warming Act.

John Michael Greer – for his book, The Wealth of Nature: Economics as if Survival Mattered.

Dr James Hansen, US leading climatologist, Bill McKibben, founder of, Josh Fox, filmmaker of Gasland the movie, and Mark Ruffalo, founder of Water – for their combined leadership in mobilizing the Climate Movement, with civil disobedience at the White House, protesting the Keystone Pipeline, and rallies against hydrofracking affecting the Delaware River water basin, and elsewhere in the US.

Richard Heinberg – for his book, The End of Growth: Adapting to our New Environmental Reality. He is founder of the Post-Carbon Institute, in Santa Rosa CA.

Rob Hopkins – for his book, The Transition Companion: making your Community more Resilient in Uncertain Times.

Tim Jackson – for his book, Prosperity Without Growth: Economics fora Finite Planet.

Richard Ketchum - for the arrest in March 2011 of a local resident, and his company, for illegally dumping millions of gallons of natural gas drilling wastewater, across 6 counties in PA, from 2003-2009. Richard is sheriff of Greene County in SW Pennsylvania. He is a fisherman, and was president for 10 years, of the Greene county Izaak Walton League, a national organization formed in 1922, dedicated to 'save outdoor America for future generations.'

Thomas Kostigen – for his book,

The Big Handout: how Government Subsidies and Corporate Welfare corrupt the world we live in and wreak havoc on our food bills.

Klaus Lackner, Claire Lackner, Allen and Burt Wright, Shift Boston, Mario Caceres and Christian Canonico – for the choice by Shift Boston, of the implementation of the Tree Pod, making use of Dr Lackner’s technology discovery, based on his invention of the Synthetic Tree. The Tree Pod, designed by Mario and Christian, will absorb atmospheric carbon while releasing oxygen, providing light at night from its solar panel design, and will mostly be created from recycled plastic, and is designed for an urban park in Boston. Dr Lackner's invention team includes his daughter Claire and the Wright Brother descendants, Allen and Burt.

Frances Moore Lappe – for her book, EcoMind: changing the way we think, to create The World We Want. She is co-founder of the Small Planet Institute, in Cambridge MA.

Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen – for their book, Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change. Hunter is founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions (, in Longmont CO. Boyd is the founder of

Andrew Liveris – for his book, Make It In America: the case for Re-inventing the Economy. He is CEO of Dow Chemical.

Ed Mazria – for creating the 2030 commercial district concept, starting with the Seattle 2030 district, moving his 2010 challenge forward, to retrofit our US building stock to low carbon or carbon-neutral by 2030. He is founder of, in Santa Fe, NM.

Richard Louv – for his book, The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-deficit Disorder. He is co-founder of Children and Nature Network, in Santa Fe, NM.

Kathleen Moore and Michael Nelson – for their editing of the book, Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril. Kathleen is co-founder of Spring Creek Project in Corvallis OR, whose mission is 'to find new ways to understand and re-imagine our relation to the natural world.'

President Barack Obama – for two executive orders: one, requiring the EPA to start regulating carbon emissions, forced by inaction in Congress and the 2007 Supreme Court ruling, that 'the EPA could not sidestep its authority to regulate greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, unless it could provide a scientific basis for its refusal' (Environmentalists hail Supreme Court ruling on carbon, Linda Greenhouse), and two, requiring a second review by the State Dept on the Keystone Pipeline from Alberta Canada, to include climate change in the review.

Chris Paine – filmmaker of the movie, Revenge of the Electric Car. He is founder of, 'to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy.'

Dan Rather – for his news story, Bee Aware, on Dan Rather Reports, alerting Americans to action they can take in 2012, on the Honey Bee Collapse Syndrome.

Robert Repetto – for his book, America’s Climate Problem: the Way Forward. He places an emphasis on why we need to put a price on carbon. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the UN Foundation, in its climate and energy program, in Amherst MA.

Drew and Jonathan Scott – for their opening season as co-hosts of their show, Property Brothers, showing on HGTV, focused on retrofitting fixer-upper homes for sustainability.

Congressman Pete Stark – for his Fee and Dividend bill, HR3242, introduced in the 112th Congress, which puts a price on carbon, and puts dividends into the pockets of Americans, as compensation from damage, done by carbon pollution.

Haydn Washington and John Cook – for their book, Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand. Both are co-founders of

Christine Williams – for her role as editor of the book, The Eleventh Commandment: Caring for Creation, words from the World’s Great Faith Traditions.

CATEGORY TWO: the Anniversary awards.

1912 - Jay Silverheels is an icon for all of us, representing Native Americans who choose to assimilate into contemporary society, from a culture that reveres the natural world, blending into one that is challenged by its own disregard for the natural world. We honor him and his Native American peers today, because we need to build a stronger partnership together, learning from one another. Jay was born in this year on the Six Nations/Mohawk Reserve, in Ontario Canada. Before his death in 1980 he was most well-known for his portrayal of Tonto, faithful companion to the Lone Ranger, in the long-running TV series, by that name. He also played movie roles with Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart and Maureen O’Hara and other well-known actors. His adopted screen name was the nickname given him as a young man when he played lacrosse, excelling in the sport.

1942 – President Franklin Roosevelt prepared for World War 2, by closing down all US auto plants for three years, starting that year, turning those plants into a manufacturing operation for war supplies. This event is often held up as an example of how the US can unite again, to accomplish what might seem impossible: replacing a carbon-intensive economy with an efficient, low carbon one, emphasizing conservation and renewable energy.

1962 - the year that The Beatles began their remarkable musical careers as a group, bringing us many inspiring songs with nature themes, that we still love today as classics: Here Comes the Sun, Good Day Sunshine, Across the Universe, Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever. Thank you, JohnLennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, for your lasting inspiration, that keeps bringing us together, helping us imagine living in a more peaceful, loving world. Now, is our time, to make that a reality.

Also the year that Rachel Carson's courageous book, Silent Spring, was published. 

1972 – was the year that President Nixon returned 21,000 acres to the Yakima Native Americans in WA state, from the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. He referred to this time period as the ‘environmental decade’ when he created the EPA, signing laws including the Clean Air, Clean Water and Marine Mammal Protection Acts – and later the Endangered Species Act. 

During that time, Congressman Pete McCloskey was writing those laws, and was a co-founder of the original Earth Day, in 1970. 

Donella and Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers and William Behrens III, co-authored the prescient book, The Limits to Growth, that was published this year, and which continues to get updated every ten years. Donella founded the Donella Meadows Institute, in Norwich VT, 'to bring...closer harmony with the realities of a finite planet.'

1982 – Buffy Saint-Marie won an Academy Award for her composition of the song, Up Where We Belong, for the film, An Officer and a Gentleman. She later created her own CD with the same title, in 1996. Buffy was born on the Piapot Cree Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan Canada. She was orphaned and later adopted by relatives, growing up in the Wakefield suburb of Boston. She is held in high regard as educator, activist and founder of the Cradleboard Teaching Project, offering curriculum that is based on better understanding Native Americans.

1992 – the year that co-founder of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Henry Kendall, issued the letter titled, World Scientists Warning to Humanity, on human beings and the natural world being on a collision course, with signatures of 1,700 leading world scientists from 70 countries, including the majority of Nobel laureates in the sciences. 

This same year, Sherman Alexie received the National Endowment Award for the Arts Poetry Fellowship, for his prolific work as a poet, his career continuing since then as a novelist and in film. Sherman was born in the Coeur d’Alene Tribe in Spokane WA.

2002 – the year that Grammy award winner Joanne Shenandoah released her CD, titled Peace and Power: the best of Joanne Shenandoah. Her lineage goes back to a forebearer John Shenandoah, who was a compatriot of George Washington, who played a key role in rallying Iroquois to support the rebels during the American Revolution. She is a member of the Wolf Clan of the Oneida Nation, which is part of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. She has won over 40 music awards, receiving an honorary doctorate in music from Syracuse University, where she is a boardmember of the new Hiawatha Institute of Indigenous Knowledge, established in 2011.

2007 – that year marks the introduction of a collection of contemporary issues of modern Native people: American Indian Nations: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It is edited by George Horse Capture, Duane Champagne and Chandler Jackson. George is from the A’aninin Gros Ventre Tribe of Montana and has served as curator of the Plains Indian Museum in Cody, WY; Duane is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Tribe, of Michigan, and is professor of sociology at UCLA, and Chandler is director of the John Reed Library at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

This same year was published Peter Matthiessen's book that he edited, Courage for the Earth: Writers, Scientists and Activists celebrate the life and writing of Rachel Carson. He has made it clear that Rachel Carson is still with us today, as we face our challenged future.  

Meryl Streep sold her Green Guide to National Geographic this same year, which was published the following year, after extensive research was done on it. It is subtitled, The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely.

This same year 12 year old Alec Loorz co-founded Kids vs Global Warming, in Ventura CA. He has since been trained with Al Gore’s Climate Project, after giving over 30 global warming presentations. He is on many advisory committees, including Inconvenient Youth, Youth Sustaining the Earth, the Future We Want, and the United Steelworkers Union. His co-founder is his mom, Victoria Loorz. 

Sungevity, now offering solar leasing, was founded by Danny Kennedy, Andrew Birch and Alec Guettel, this same year, an excellent business example of affordable solar, that is moving across the US with incentive programs. The Sierra Club recently partnered with Sungevity, to provide these incentive programs. The Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, is one of the country's leading voices in the fight to move the US off dirty, outdated coal. This campaign received in2011, the generous donation of 50 ML dollars from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of New York City, to support the campaign's mission.

CATEGORY THREE: memorials, in the past year.

Nov 2011 - we lost Paul Epstein, public health doctor who was among the first to link infectious disease to Extreme Weather. He worked in poverty-stricken international settings, helping to define his work. In 1992, he attended the UN Conference for Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, with fellow doctor, Eric Chivian. Both came away disappointed that health was not addressed. The result was their co-founding of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical College. Al Gore welcomed his input as science advisor, in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, appreciating his 'ability to communicate the complexities of his field.' Even as he struggled with his own health, the urgency of climate change spurred him on, co-authoring the book, Changing Planet, Changing Health, which was published just months before his death. 

April 2012 - we lost Ernest Callenbach, author of the book, Ecotopia. A Pennsylvania native raised on a farm, he became a film scholar who studied cinema in Paris, then became an assistant editor at University of California Press in Berkeley and founder of the Film Quarterly Journal. Around 1970 he was increasingly concerned about water issues and decided on a futuristic novel. Ecotopia was rejected by 25 publishers, and then a group of friends came up with money for a small edition. Bantam Books picked up on the interest in it, and the book has since become required reading in many colleges. He left us his list of Earth's 10 Commandments, which can be found at

June 2012 - we lost Elinor Ostrom, winner of the 2009 Nobel prize in Economics, for her research on the cooperative management of commons resources. She was an author of many books on the subject, including the book classic, Governing theCommons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action. She was professor at both Arizona State University and Indiana University. She ‘cautioned against single government units at the global level to solve collective action problems of coordinating work on environmental destruction. She proposed a polycentric approach: decisions to be made close to the scene of events.’ (from Wikipedia, adapted). She was a powerful voice for our collective need to protect all of our Commons. 

CATEGORY FOUR: the 2012 awards, that relate to the EarthWeek2012 theme on the moral imperative to remedy our climate threat.

Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes - Rachel, for interviewing Senator Inhofe, questioning him on his new book, The Greatest Hoax: how the Global Warming Conspiracy threatens your Future - on her Rachel Maddow Show in March 2012 and for her MSNBC ad, 'We are not going to run out of wind', along with fellow MSNBC host, Chris and his MSNBC ad on climate change, stating 'it will be terrifying or thrilling.'

Robert Reich – for his op-ed in the SF Chronicle, America’s Moral Crisis lies in Boardrooms, not Bedrooms, March 2012

IMAC (Interfaith Action on Climate), for its inaugural event in Washington DC, EarthWeek2012, setting a new precedent that faith communities can follow across the country. Two more recognitions follow, based on their significant involvement in EarthWeek2012. The IMAC website is at

Recognition goes to Bob Doppelt and his group, Resource Innovations, for the creation of the Ethical Scorecard, in coordination with the League of Conservation Voters.

Recognition goes to the four Native American women, who provided the healing ceremony that concluded IMAC’s Interfaith service, EarthWeek2012 at President Lincoln’s New York Ave Presbyterian Church at 1313 New York Ave NW, Washington DC:

Sarah James – is native of the Gwich’in Tribe from Arctic Village, Alaska. She was awarded the Goldman Environmental prize in 2002 for her work protecting caribou calving and nursery grounds in the Arctic National Refuge (ANWR), from oil and gas drilling. 

Della Adams - is a leader of the Onandaga Nation, one of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, in upstate NY/Canada, on the St Lawrence River. She works closely with tribal medicine people and prescribes ceremonial remedies. 

Katsi Cook - assisted in the design of the EarthWeek2012 healing ceremony in DC, as a member of the Mohawk Nation, in upstate NY. She is midwife and director of the First Environment Collaborative for reproductive health, and educator on environmental justice issues, lecturing at Cornell University and other similar institutions.

Louise McDonald (Tewakierakwa) - is a clan Mother from the Mohawk Nation, one of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, in upstate NY/Canada, along the St Lawrence River. She works to preserve indigenous language and culture through conducting earth-based rituals for youth and women on the reservation. Her teachings returns one to an earth-based experience so it can inform a higher level of consciousness to know and practice that 'less is more' by taking only what we need and vigilantly guarding the sacred balance.

Richard Muller and his daughter Elizabeth Muller, co-founders of Berkeley Earth Temperature Project, Berkeley CA, and their lead scientist, Robert Rohde, for their most recent research on climate change. Professor Muller is a physics professor at Univ of California, Berkeley, an author, and writer of the op-ed, The Conversion of a Climate Science Skeptic, NYTimes, July 2012.

Author Charles Fishman and political cartoonist Tom Toles, both focused on our drought crisis, in their respective newspaper venues, that were both published on Aug17,2012, with the column, Don't Waste The Drought, NYTimes, and the cartoon, Wish For Climate Policy, SF Chronicle. Charles is author of the book The Big Thirst, and Tom is on staff as editorial cartoonist, at the Washington Post.

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